Terms & Conditions

General Rental Conditions

A. Reservations To make a reservation at Platinum Curacao Car Rental just click on the car of your choice and make a booking request. The system will calculate your total cost and request you to fill in the reservation form. After you have submitted your request you will get and e-mail that your request has been received and that a confirmation of your booking will follow within 24 hours. You can also contact us by mail and request a quote. Cancellations must be done 72 hours prior to the rental date.

B. Rental Rates Daily Rental rates are based on a 24-hour rental day starting at the time of rental. The minimum rental period is 4 days. The renter will be charged per day. If a renter wishes to rent the vehicle for a longer period than agreed upon, the applicable rate or other rates may apply. All rates are including full insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and 9% Government tax.

C. Driving Age The minimum age to rent a vehicle at Platinum Curacao Car Rental is 23 years of age.

D. Authorized Drivers The vehicle may be driven only by an authorized driver. An authorized driver is the renter and any additional person who appears at the time of rental and signs the rental agreement. All authorized drivers must satisfy our age requirements, have a valid driver’s license, and fulfill our other qualifications. No other persons are authorized to drive the vehicle.

E. Additional Authorized Drivers All additional authorized drivers are required to qualify to drive the vehicle. To qualify, Platinum Curacao Car Rental requires all additional drivers, including spouses, to satisfy our minimum age requirements, have a valid driver’s license. Additional driver is FREE of Charge. (Only 1 additional driver is allowed per car)

F. Driver’s Licenses The renter or any additional authorized drivers wanting to drive the rental vehicle must present (at the beginning of the rental) a motor vehicle driver’s license that is valid for the entire rental period. A valid motor vehicle driver’s license means a driver’s license that has not been suspended, expired, surrendered or revoked and includes an expiration date occurring after the end of the rental period. The driver’s license must be issued at least 1 year before date of rental.

G. Payment Platinum Curacao Car Rental accepts CASH, major CREDIT and DEBIT cards.

– No Booking Fees
– No Cancellation Fees
– No Advanced Payment Required CASH: the following currencies are accepted: US Dollars, ANG guilders, and Euros.

CREDIT CARD: VISA and MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD: MAESTRO and CIRRUS By paying with credit card a credit card fee will be added to your total cost.

A deposit is not required at Platinum Curacao Car Rental.

H. Gasoline Policy The renter must refill the gas tank to avoid a refueling charge unless the renter chooses the prepaid fuel option. If the renter chooses the prepaid fuel option, the renter will pay a specified charge as set forth in the rental agreement and have no obligation to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. There is no refund given for any fuel in the tank at the end of the rental. If the renter does not choose the prepaid fuel option and does not return the vehicle with a full tank of gas, the renter will be required to pay a fuel charge to compensate Platinum Curacao Car Rental for the cost and service of refueling the vehicle. The fuel charge is based on the estimated number of gallons needed to refill the tank.

Liability and insurance

A. Loss or Damage to the Platinum Vehicle The renter and any additional drivers are covered to any loss or damage to the rental vehicle, even if someone else caused it or the cause is unknown, whether due to theft, fire, flood, collision, vandalism, or any other cause, subject to limitations imposed by the law in accordance to which the vehicle is rented. Items that are supplied with the vehicle, such as keys, jacks and spare wheels, and items rented additionally, such as baby-seats, GPS are required to be returned as supplied, subject to fair wear and tear. Loss or substantial damage to such accessories will result in a replacement cost chargeable to the customer based on the current replacement cost of the item.

– All our cars are alarm equipped. The Alarm remote is NOT waterproof and if lost or damage the renter will be charged for a new remote. ($50)
– Car keys replacement cost: ($195) if lost.
– GPS replacement cost: ($195) if lost.

Platinum vehicles are NOT intended for safari “rally” purposes. By doing so the renter violates with the terms and conditions of the rental company. In case of an accident or damage insurance will NOT cover the car. Moreover during the rental period, the renter is responsible for all cost involved in traffic violations and parking fees.

B. Third Party Liability Claims Unless otherwise required by applicable law, a renter and/or the additional authorized driver is covered for third party claims of property damage, personal injury, caused by or arisen from the use and operation of the Platinum Curacao vehicle during the rental. The respective insurance company of each party involved is responsible for their own claims.

C. Loss Damage Waiver (“LDW”): The rental vehicle is covered in addition to all-risk. Platinum Curacao will agree to waive the renter’s responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle in part (depending on the cause of the damage). LDW does not apply if: (1) the renter uses the vehicle in violation of the rental agreement; (2) the renter fails to remove the keys, or close and lock all windows, doors and trunk, and the vehicle is stolen or vandalized; (3) the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time; (4) the driver was determined to be negligent; (5) the insured vehicle was moved prior to police instruction; (6) the vehicle was being used off-road; (7) the renter fails to notify us, Forensys Curacao (199) and police immediately after the loss; and (8) the renter fails to pay the charges under the rental agreement.

IMPORTANT: In case of an accident do NOT move the car until Forensys Curacao has arrived. The only person authorized to move the car before the arrival of Forensys Curacaol is the police.

A deposit is not required at Platinum Curacao Car Rental, but the renter is responsible for the insurance administration fee when involved into a car accident or any other damage which must be handled by the insurance company. This is only applicable if the renter is the one who caused the accident. The insurance administration fee is $170. D. Collision Damage Waiver. The daily rates of Platinum Curacao Car Rental also includes collision damage waiver (CDW) which covers only the car. Personal injury, including death are NOT covered.

Platinum benefits

We offer high-quality vehicles at great rates. From compact cars to SUVs and sedans to minivans, all non-smoking for your comfort.

Free pickup & Dropoff (Except Airport at 20USD)
24/7 Service
Unlimited Mileage
Tourist SIM Card (on request)
Free Extra Drivers (up to 2 total)
Free babyseat (on request)
Broken Car Replacement
GPS ($5/day)

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.